Friday, 3 April 2015

Does Shellac Rockstar affect how long your Shellac Power Polish will last?

Does Shellac Rockstar affect how long your Shellac Power Polish will last?

‘Shellac Rockstar’ is Shellac Power Polish combined with glitter to create the ultimate sparkle and glitz for any occasion. It looks amazing but many people have been questioning whether it affects the length of time the Shellac Polish will last for.

CND advertise that their product is ‘High Shine, Zero Dry Time, 14+ Day Wear’. But many people who are opting for the ‘Rockstar’ option are questioning on social media whether their Shellac will last as long or won’t feel smooth. So we decided to try for ourselves.
After a lot of research on the internet, we decided to combine the best products and methods together to see if Shellac Rockstar really is a waste of time .. and glitter.

We opted to use Lecente irresistible glitters after two coats of CND Shellac polish, a brush for application as to not waste much glitter and TWO coats of CND Shellac topcoat.
First noticeable difference was that with the two layers of topcoat, it felt exactly like a normal Shellac polish would; smooth and sleek. And was very shiny. Next was to see how long it lasted.  After 14 days, most people said they still had their Shellac Rockstar on and it was still going strong! Most people were claiming that it was lasting LONGER than Shellac on its own and commented on how amazing it looked; as if it had only just been done. It was still smooth, still shiny and still ultra sparkly! Those who it didn’t last them longer than 14 days said they still got the full 2 weeks out of it!

So, we have found that with the right combination of products and application process, Shellac Rockstar is DEFINIETLY worth trying out for yourself and WON’T affect how long it will last!!
Here is a photo of my nails with Shellac Rockstar on after a couple of days of application.

I have done treatments using the products in our Burton salon (including soaking people’s nails off) and they are still as good as new. I would highly recommend Shellac and Shellac Rockstar to anybody who wants a long lasting, smudgeproof and chip resistant for a minimum of 14 days to any client of ours.
We have a huge selection of Shellac colours and a growing selection of Glitters to turn your Shellac into Rockstar!
Want to try it out? Throughout April, we’re offering £5 off Shellac Rockstar!! There’s no time like April to see for yourself.

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