Monday, 18 May 2015

Environ Now at Burton Beauty Salon

As of 19th May, we will be the proud owners of an Environ Ionzyme machine.

What is this, you may ask? Read on, and discover more about this exciting addition to our treatment range.

Environ is part of the iiaa (International Institute of Anti Aging) which is a major company in over 60 countries!

Our skin can only accept substances that it produces itself, so any unknown substance will hit the barrier layer of skin and won’t be allowed any further. This means it will just sit on the outer layers of the skin and only affecting those layers.
So what did Environ do to tackle this problem?  Environ uses high grade Vitamin A, which can physically change your skin, so it will be sure to do its job! To get the products deeper into your skin, Environ created a special Ionzyme machine that uses Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis which allows the products to penetrate a whopping 4000 times deeper! So you can be absolutely sure that the Vitamin A will be getting to those under layers and working its magic down there too!

Want to know more or try it yourself? Great! We’re having an event right here at Skye Blue Beauty, Burton on Trent, on 11th June where we will be having a Skin Analyst bring the super Visia machine down. This machine will take a photograph of your face and capture any problem areas (or not problematic if you’re a lucky one!) and reveal its true state. It can show you Sun Damage, pigmentation, capillary damage, wrinkles, scars, imperfections, dehydration, open pores and more! (I’ve had it done personally and it was quite enlightening to see what’s really going on!) The analyst will then find out what your concerns and goals are and help you create a personalised routine that will target all your worries. They will recommend products to use at home, Salon treatments you may need, dietary and lifestyle advice to help you achieve your goals. It’s completely FREE all we ask is to book in advance and for a £10 deposit to secure your place (places are very limited) which is refunded on the day! Each appointment slot is 45 minutes each.

Visia skin analysis

Not interested in having your skin analysed but still want to know more? Fantastic! On the same day, 11th June, the event is not just for the people who want their skin analysed, but for everyone else too! We’ll be having refreshments, a free entry raffle with 3 amazing prizes to be won, treatment demonstrations from 4 to 4:40pm, discounts on Environ products bought and treatment bookings made on the day and more!

The event is running from 1pm-8pm. We can’t wait to see you all there!!

Skye Blue Beauty

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