Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mini Series - Vitamin A Myths #2

Vitamin A causes photo sensitivity
The retinol and retinoic acid forms of vitamin A do make the skin photosensitive, but the retinyl palmitate form has extremely valuable photo-protective properties. 
Research by the dermatology department at University Hospital Geneva showed that at high levels, topical retinyl palmitate was as efficient as an SPF20 sunscreen in preventing sunburn. However, UV light breaks it down, so also taking it as a supplement is recommended to support topical application.

Vitamin A myths
Sun Damaged Skin

“Retinol is an alcohol and is more irritating to the skin and photosensitises it”, says Dr Fernandes. “retinyl palmitate, on the other hand, absorbs the energy of UVB and UVA just like a sunscreen does and that is why it disappears in sun-exposed skin and the skin becomes depleted.” 
"It is fundamentally the most important molecule in addressing sun damage and anti-ageing. There is nothing else like it.” 
Environ® Founder Dr Des Fernandes

Adapted from a post in the September 2017 IIAA Bulletin

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