Tuesday, 16 January 2018


The importance of visiting a professional to carry out potentially risky treatments was thrown into the spotlight time and again in 2017. Much to the frustration of therapists and techs, it seemed stories of consumers injuring themselves as a result of DIY treatments were rarely out of the news.
In May, the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) reported a surge in people suffering from allergic reactions after using home gel-polish and acrylic kits, ranging from sore cuticles to the natural nails lifting from the nail beds.
It wasn't just consumers at fault though - the adverse reactions were also attributed to techs mixing products and technologies from different brands systems.                                                                      
Separately, a survey revealed just how often people injure themselves when attempting to remove their own pubic hair, with 14% admitting they had sustained injuries that required medical attention.
Even more seriously, experts began warning consumers against buying skin peels from eBay following reports of people suffering severe facial burns. Campaign group Safety in Beauty received 27 complaints of chemical peels gone wrong from products containing banned ingredients such as trichoroacetic acid.

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